Queenie Reversible Satin/Prints Hair Bonnets - Yellow & Pink (pack of 2)

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Queenie Reversible Satin/Prints Hair Bonnet (pack of 2) offers:

2 sets of reversible hair bonnets Giving you 4 sides to use (2 African prints and 2 satin sides)

1. Multi colour Prints and Yellow Satin

2. Multi colour prints and Pink Satin

All unique colours and prints. Go ahead and change your look.


Full head coverage, relaxed cut for a comfy fit, wide elastic band

Ensure hair is kept in place and helps to prevent breakage and tangle during sleep, breathable satin material on one side and cotton African print material on the other side.

Keeps your hairstyle fresh looking, prevents loss of hair and wake up with no frizz head

What's in the box?

2x Reversible Satin/Prints wide band hair bonnets