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Longrich panty liners - Set of 3

Longrich panty liners - Set of 3

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• For treating menstrual discomfort due to infection
• Eliminates odour, itching and reduces stress in women
• Can stimulate blood circulation and prevent gynaecological diseases
• Presence of anion strip helps to treat infection and kills 99.9% bacteria
• Helps to lower the risk of tumours
• Prevents toilet infections and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
• It can effectively restrict the growth and survival of bacteria and viruses, activates metabolism and improves secretion and immunity
• Helps in relieving arthritis and rheumatism pains
• Enhances hormonal balance
• Revitalises cell metabolism and enhances immune function
• Purifies the blood and balances the autonomic nervous system, promoting deep sleep and healthy digestion
• Made from organic products and 100% cotton
• Helps in relieving prostrate problems and prevents prostate cancer (from 40 years) in men (worn in briefs).

Men can wear it on their shoes in order to:
• Reduce stress and alleviate depression
• Boost energy and enhance metabolism
• Reduce odour and strengthen immunity

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3x Pack (30 in a pack)

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