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Longrich Sanitary Pads (Heavy/Night flow) - Set of 3

Longrich Sanitary Pads (Heavy/Night flow) - Set of 3

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Longrich Superbklean is a world leading high-tech patented product with a lot of benefits:
1.Longrich Superbklean Magnetic Energy Sanitary Pad keep you dry, clean and comfortable.
2.It is very absorbent and keeps you dry for eight hours
3.It prevents toilet infection.
4.It relieves menstrual discomfort due to infection.
5.It relieves menstrual pain.
6.Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
7.It prevents urinary tract infection.

Has 8 layers made of cotton
Prevents ovarian cyst, infections.
Contains anions that kill bacteria.
Cures and prevents rashes in vagina.

Superbklean Magnetic Sanitary is a world leading high-tech patented product. It pad has 8 layers that boost greater absorption, smoothness and comfort. It helps to relieve menstrual discomfort and prevent odors. 3 main benefits of this sanitary pad include the following ;

Health - Magnetic Strip provides 3 natural energies (magnetism, anion and far infrared) that greatly enhance blood circulation, cell vitality, detoxification during period, bio-enzymes in the vagina, resistance to bacteria and immunity against any infection. It prevents many female reproductive issues
Safe & Comfort - It's Food grade outer packing and 360 degree inner packaging makes it hygienic and safer to use. Softer surface, quick and effective absorption gives a feeling of comfort. The bottom layer is made of highly resistant and air permeable (breathable) materials that prevent leaking and effectively reduce moisture and warmness between napkin and skin.

Cost Effective - Its absorption capacity is 3 to 5 times more than most of the sanitary napkins in the market and this makes it cost effective compared to others.

What's in the box
3x Pack (8 sanitary pads in a pack)

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